Wild campers on the Costa Vicentina out of control

Nov 29, 2018

Autocaravans wo man hinschaut They crowd the beaches and cliffs, they sleep in forests, vans, cars or tents, "sow" garbage and do the necessary things behind bushes. The problem of camping and wildlife caravanning on the Costa Vicentina is becoming increasingly commonplace. Most of the offenders are foreigners and therefore the fines imposed are not paid. For municipalities and the local population, there is only one solution: The fines are due immediately, otherwise they lose the vehicle documents. Fines for wild, illegal camping are not paid by foreigners, as the penalty payment notification is sent by registered mail.

For a long time a problem

For almost 20 years, the problem has been denounced by local authorities and the public. So far, however, nothing could stop the phenomenon - or scourge - caravaning and wild camping in the Costa Vicentina Natural Park, which was built in the communities of Aljezur and Vila do Bispo. On the contrary, "the situation is getting more and more serious", is warned, hundreds of Spanish, French, German, Dutch, English vehicles and also some Portuguese who "camp" in sensitive areas.

Decision-making power and competence are required

Wilder Camper am Strand The last chapter of this never-ending novel appeared last week. The Municipal Assembly of Vila do Bispo approved a unanimous motion requesting the government to amend the law on this matter. The idea is to levy fines for camping and wild caravaning at the time of the infringement.
"Wild Caravaning conquers the town of Vila do Bispo and the entire Costa Vicentina in the storm, besieging parking on the beaches, parking near the cliffs, sleeping in campers, cars or tents, garbage dumps, etc." reads the statement by the President of the Municipal Council of Sagres, Luís Miguel Paixão ...