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Tenerife is a popular holiday destination. On the holiday island of Tenerife is often wintered. Find a holiday apartment, holiday house, hotel in Tenerife, holiday, holiday homes, holiday villa, apartment, apartment or hotel complex with pool for your holiday on the holiday island of Tenerife. The climate in Tenerife is subtropical and Mediterranean. The temperatures in Tenerife are in the summer with an average of 25 ° in winter and 17 °. Holiday Houses, Finca, Villa, sea views in Tenerife.

Puerto Santiago

Puerto de Santiago (shorter Puerto Santiago) is part of the municipality of Santiago del Teide in the western part of the Spanish island of Tenerife (Canary Islands Community). The district has completed the transformation from a fishing village to a tourist area in recent years. Numerous new buildings for apartments and hotel facilities give testimony, although still a certain authenticity can be certified, as there is a small fishing port. The site has grown now almost fully with the north and southern locations, Los Gigantes and Playa de la Arena to a large tourist center together.

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Icod de los Vinos

Icod de los Vinos is a municipality in the north-northwest of the Canary Island of Tenerife, located west-southwest of Santa Cruz de Tenerife and north of the Reina Sofia Arona and the airport. Neighbour municipalities are La Guancha in the east, La Orotava in the southeast, Santiago del Teide south and Garachico west. Icod de los Vinos has an area of ​​95.9 square kilometers at an average altitude of 235 m above sea level. In Icod is the "Dragon Tree", the most famous dragon tree. Until recently it was assumed that he was 3,000 years old, according to recent findings its age is estimated to be about 400 years. This dragon tree is found even in the arms of the city again. Above the park with the dragon tree is the Iglesia de San Marco.

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Poris de Abona

Since the 19th century is operated in Poris de Abona in Tenerife fishing, which secured many residents of the municipality of Arico livelihood. Poris de Abona is a coastal village on the southeast coast of Tenerife. The port is very well suited for its particular geography of the bay to drop anchor. From Poris de Abona from earlier trade was conducted with the other Canary Islands and also served as a faster connecting to other coastal towns in the holiday island of Tenerife. Earlier, the roads were not as developed in the south of the island and you could achieve some faster by boat other coastal regions. There are gravel and sandy beaches in and around Poris de Abona. In a small bay are the fishing boats and along the coast leads a promenade, where fishing the local fishermen vigorously. Items for rental in Poris de Andona


Gran Canaria

El Risco

El Risco is a village in the Natural Park "Parque Natural de Tamadaba", with about 300 inhabitants, surrounded by the impressive mountains Tamadaba, Faneque and Tirma. The town has grown from only 14 km away. From fishing village of Puerto de las Nieves one can take a ferry to Tenerife. After a half hour walk to reach "El Charco Azul", a small freshwater lagoon. The natural stone bay Playa El Risco for swimming and fishing can be reached in about 30 minutes. A sunset with the imposing silhouette of the volcano Teide in the background is an image that you never forget.

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Maspalomas is located at the southern tip of the island of Gran Canaria, on the coast of the Atlantic. In the southeastern part of the city is separated by the Maspalomas dunes to the sea. Maspalomas consists mainly of tourist resorts and associated infrastructure. The dunes in the southeast of Maspalomas extend over a length of six and a width of one to two kilometers. The sand here is not made of rock debris, but mainly from alluvial and grated from the surf coral and limestone - the Calima verwehter sand from the Sahara is not the actual origin. Severe storms in spring 2006 and in February 2010 addressed to some damage and washed a lot of sand in the sea. In the dunes, the only official nudist area of ​​Gran Canaria. At Lighthouse we find an oasis ( "La Charca"), breed in the numerous water birds. It stands as the dunes since 1987 under conservation.


La Palma

La Gomera

El Hierro

La Graciosa